numero uno

This blog, website, journal, whatever it will be…will be the manifestations of my thoughts, hopes, dreams. Rumination…from my views on organizational management to great beer and everything in between. Hopefully I’ll make a point in here somewhere…Here we go…movie references may abound..

My alarm went off at 5am. I hit snooze but got out of bed before it went off again. I have come to a pure belief in not hitting that indulgent button multiple times and starting your day on “purpose.” Science particularly makes a fantastic argument – In an effort to feel more rested that 9 minutes delves our brains into the beginning of another sleep cycle, which is again rudely interrupted and for the next 4-6 hours we have sabotaged achieving full wakefulness of the mind. Self Sabotage…there’s a digression in there somewhere.

As every morning, I turn on a small speaker system I keep in my bathroom to listen to music while I’m in the shower, brushing teeth, meditating on the day. This morning the first song on the random playlist is Lonesome Dreams by Lord Huron. The song describes the experiences and meanderings of a man who suddenly finds himself on a distant foreign island somewhere. However, there seems to be more to it. Ethereal images and emotions are stirred and I get the feeling the singer is not in some desolate castaway circumstance but more in a wild “Midsummer nights dream” that would’ve made Shakespeare proud. As I’m listening and brushing my teeth, I have a very powerful image enter my mind of a young boy, running through the woods in the mountains somewhere…he is lost because he is smiling and laughing – courageous, happy, at peace. A daring escape through the woods no less, in search of adventure. As I am readying for my work day I feel a wave of sadness. Has something been lost in us as a culture? In me? Weren’t we given this life to explore, play, run wildly through the hills? Or am I just another millennial vying to suppress the corporate values of our predecessor’s generation?

I’ve read a few books and maybe watched more movies on the subject of the true nature of the human soul and spirit. Especially this day after the 16th observance of 9/11, I can’t help to think of all the brave men and women who came together that morning and the days and months after to sacrifice themselves for the preservation of another’s life and our freedom. John Eldridge’s “Wild at Heart,” Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning,” the movie “Legend’s of the Fall,” and countless other media attempt to give us their version of what it means to be human. However, I believe each individual needs search for and find what makes them come alive each day. For some it is running through the mountains on a grand adventure, for others it may be building billion dollar corporations. No matter what you set out to do, make sure your values, intentions, and morals are good. Do something for the betterment of humankind and your fellow man/woman, even if it’s just the small things. Although seemingly insignificant they often have the greatest impact. Look up from your phone – hold the door open or look someone in the eye and say thank you – you’re not that busy. As you go out today ask yourself what causes your soul to stir and your cells to dance? Go do that or start working toward it…

Peace be da journey (Cool Runnings)

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